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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Many Improvements have been made to the my Kingdom!!

Hello all....Hope the lazy days of summer has found you as fat as me! LOL! (Turtle Joke!) With all the construction finished, my Kingdom is finally secure. Nothing bigger than a June Bug can get in. Yayyy!

So of course the only other thing to improve upon is the "furniture" on the inside. Well the ants thought all this was a cool idea too, and decided to move in with me. What the ants don't know is our super secret weapon.... Corn Meal!!!!! Non poisonous to me, but deadly to ants! They love to eat the stuff, but they can't digest it so they roll over and die. Yayy! So operation "Ant Eviction" is almost over.

Several new plants have been added to my Kingdom, all eadible of course! I now have 2 Mulberry bushes, some Evening Primroses, and a few Bush Muhly's. Of course e few more stepping stones have been strategically placed as well :)

Below is a view of my roof, it's clear roof stuff, so I can get the sun, then it's covered with chicken wire, so I can get some rain, but keep out everything else. Closer to the other side is metal roof stuff so I can get the shade over my house!

My house was moved to the other side of the Kingdom, and a back patio was installed, so I can wallow in the cool mud during the hot days of summer.

And finally with all the new plants, an automated micro-sprinkler system was installed so the plants can get watered, once a day for 15 minutes. The sprinklers, also make some really cool puddles of water that I can drink from. So it's basically a never ending supply of fresh water for me. yippie! LOL

It's been a very good summer for me!  LOL! And I am one HAPPY Tortoise!!!!!!!!!!

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