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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A post from the Keeper of The Sleeper :)

As Georgey sleeps this winter, I've taken steps to ensure her safety, and warmth. Hay has been added to the outside of her house, to insulate her, during the cold months ahead. And since she has literally buried herself in the hay and coconut shavings (recommended by my Reptile supplier) on the inside of her house, I cut the top of her house cross-wise and added hindges so I could lift the lid (so to speak) and peak in on her. I check on her sleepy movements at least once every couple three days or so, by gently lifting the hay she is buried under and watching for movemnets of her legs. Which I see quite often, I'm happy to say :)

I am also concerned about those pesky ants that want to be roomates with Georgey, so I have place a barrier of cornmeal all around her house on the inside of her habitat. And amdro is laced around the outside of her habitat.

All is well in the land of the Sleeping Tortoise!

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