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Friday, May 14, 2010

The New Rain Roof - and modifications to my house!!

So I have a new rain roof! Bad weather was heading this way this weekend so Mom decided that a roof on my house was not enough protection. So we built a rain roof underneath the shade material. Then Mom decided that my house needed a floor off the ground so she built my house on 2 inch stilts with a wood floor and a ramp. But she didn't stop there either....I now have air vents in my house so I can get a breeze when I crash out in there! And everyone knows I love watermelon, so that's what is on the roof of my house.....a big watermelon umbrella!


  1. Ok George I think you are a very spoiled tortise! You are going to break your Mommy's bank. So I think your Mom should open a Georgey rehab fund. i'll be the first to contribute! How about it Mom? Set it up!

  2. LOL! Andrea! That's hilarious!

  3. This looks lovely! I’m sure you have a great time on your home. The watermelon design on the umbrella is a nice touch. Your mom definitely knows what’s best for you. I hope it stays the same until now.

    Richard Boles